Join us for a presentation from Aaron Whitney about Ionic Vue.

Presenter: Aaron Whitney

Talk Title: Ionic Vue: 3 Birds, 1 Slingshot

Many businesses need software so their customers can interact with their goods or services with their devices.  That means that a solution has to run on Mac/PC/Web, Android, and iPhone.  So does that mean the biz needs separate devs who know Java, Swift/Objective C, JavaScript/TypeScript, CSS/HTML, and the myriad of frameworks that accompany each platform stack?  Or is it possible for one dev to slay them all?  Yup.  Meet Ionic.  Write the app using web technologies (JS|TS/CSS/HTML) and it spits out Android, iPhone, and web apps that run on all mainstream devices.  Out of the gate, Ionic leveraged Angular as its web framework for building apps, and later introduced support for React.  Now Ionic works with Vue, and that just changed the game...

What is Ionic?

An open source mobile UI toolkit for building high quality, cross-platform native and web app experiences. Move faster with a single code base, running everywhere with JavaScript and the Web.

CHS Svelte/Vue Meetup

Thursday, May 13, 2021, 5:00 PM

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